Bowmore 2000

"Sherry Finish"

  • Distilled: 2000
  • Bottled: 2011
  • Vol: 46%
  • Outturn: 2645
  • Code: W&M97

A new young Bowmore which showcases the new course taken by this legendary Islay distillery, returning fully back to the style of its glorious days of old. Less lemony and crisp than our expression from last year, this interesting bottling is just as rich and lively but on a slightly fuller and sweeter profile: the fruity and fragrant notes take second place to the intense peat smoke and to the very waxy and sooty aromas. The first unmistakeable impression is of almonds, and then it’s a very complex interplay of typical Islay character and fruits. Classic young Bowmore at its best, different from all other Islay malts in its balance and expressiveness.

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