Laphroaig 21yo 

cask #2350

  • Distilled: 1990
  • Bottled: 2011
  • Vol: 53,2%
  • Outturn: 156
  • Code: W&M102

A fine example of the great tradition of this legendary Islay distillery, with particularly complex and striking flavours: its intensely rugged and explosive character is unmistakeable, but what makes this whisky so special and deserving of a single cask bottling is the influence of its twenty one years spent in unusually high quality oak. While being exactly the peat feast that is expected from the distillery, there is much more to discover: its rich, thick, chewy body is preserved by bottling at cask strength, and the maritime and smoky aromas are wrapped in a very textured interplay of organic and farmy notes, leather, liquorice, green vegetables and black bread. A jewel of heart-warming complexity and power.

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