Ledaig 1998 

"Refill sherry"

  • Distilled: 1998
  • Bottled: 2011
  • Vol: 46%
  • Outturn: 1344
  • Code: W&M101

One of those rare Ledaigs which could be easily mistaken for a light Islay malt, as its style is similar to a medium peated Bruichladdich. Fresh, fragrant with mint and a good backbone of oily sweetness, very flowery and aromatic but also with quizzical organic aromas. The usual green vegetable notes and mineral character of this distillery are present, but restrained compared to other bottlings. Its complexity and long evolution in the glass will capture the attention of the seasoned taster: certainly not a “tamed” whisky, not a simplified affair designed to please the easy drinking crowd. Rather, a genuine old fashioned malt which dares to be different and slightly off the beaten path.

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