Glenlivet 36yo

"Sherry Wood" butt #5750

  • Distilled: 1975
  • Bottled: 2012
  • Vol: 56,2%
  • Outturn: 216
  • Code: W&M130

A very intense and old Glenlivet, for lovers of oak, dry sherry and spices. The Oloroso casks influence is evident, but not particularly in a winey and fruity way: actually, during such a long time it became very well integrated with the malt, conjuring a dark and alluring profile. Bitter orange peel, then a touch of pepper and cinnamon, and a lovely musty impression of old bookstore are the most striking aromas. At the palate it is dry, intense, rather oaky and then getting herbal with notes of gentian root and unsweetened liquorice extract. Fruitiness is, again, quite moderate. At the end, it becomes even more peppery, almost hot, and very long and lingering. One of the best casks of Glenlivet from that vintage.

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