Glenlivet 36yo

"Sherry Wood" butt #5748

  • Distilled: 1995
  • Bottled: 2012
  • Vol: 58,3%
  • Outturn: 271
  • Code: W&M125

A medium-sherried Glenlivet, deviating from the more neutral style of the official bottlings. Its palette of aromas and tastes is impressive, showing a vast array of impressions which flash enticingly before leaving place to the next one. The olfactory impression is complex and intense: of course it has winey character from the dry sherry, but it also exhibits candied orange and citron, dried raisins, vermouth and herbs. Its dark notes of ancient furniture and moist cellar are particularly fascinating. The mouthfeel is intense, full-bodied, peppery and tannic. While the oak is evident, it is enveloped in a toasted and candied background sweetness which becomes more intense with a drop of water, before finishing on a piquant and tannic note again.

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