Bowmore 2001

Sherry finish PX

  • Distilled: 2001
  • Bottled: 2013
  • Vol: 46%
  • Outturn: 1725
  • Code: W&M143

How to further improve the clean and peaty distillate from a legendary Islay distillery which in the last two decades has seen a big return to quality? Simple: by going to a bodega in Jerez, Spain, and selecting our own personal sherry casks for maturation. In this case, we chose a rich and sweet Pedro Ximenez to complement the crisp and citrusy distillate… and the result is explosive. The PX influence is subtle and never cloying: it simply adds weight and a touch of sweetness, enhancing the leathery, organic and smoky notes without excesses of fruit or wine. This is a young, juicy and vibrant whisky, full of Islay intensity and a robust body, with an endlessly long mineral, flinty and smoky finish.

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