Glen Keith 21yo

Sherry Wood butt #89650

  • Distilled: 1991
  • Bottled: 2013
  • Vol: 50%
  • Outturn: 614
  • Code: W&M152

As delicate as a single malt whisky can be, a velvety caress… Few whiskies are so rounded, soft and creamy: a rare example of flavour intensity without aggressiveness, with an alcohol content which is almost not perceivable. At the nose it’s characterized by heather and orange blossom honey, a malty fragrance and a hint of smoke. But it’s the mouthfeel that conquers: absolutely delicate, buttery and smooth… and yet with a robust body and an almost syrupy thickness. This is not a lightweight whisky: on the contrary it’s quite flavourful, but it never bites. Extremely long finish on cereals, honey, sugar coated ripe bananas and apples. Very elegant, juicy, biscuity… without ever becoming too overwhelming. A rich and silky malt.

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