Tobermory 18yo

"Sherry Finish PX" butt #5046

  • Distilled: 1994
  • Bottled: 2013
  • Vol: 54,3%
  • Outturn: 609
  • Code: W&M148

This whisky truly deserved cask strength due to its round character which makes it so easy to drink in spite of its intensity! All the typical Tobermory aromas are there: slightly pungent, unmistakably irony and leafy, but this expression stays incredibly focused and clean. The brief finishing in Pedro Ximenez casks does not add evidently winey notes, but simply helps the natural malty character and fruitiness of the distillate to come to the fore. The same can be said about the palate, which is one of the creamiest and juiciest of any Tobermory ever: candied oranges, dried raisins, a slightly buttery sweetness, for a very powerful but clean and straightforward profile, with a moderate touch of the typically quizzical taste of this single malt.

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