Ben Nevis 18yo

"Sherry Wood" butt #1965

  • Distilled: 1996
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Vol: 57,4%
  • Outturn: 594
  • Code: W&M200

From a Highlands distillery on the western coast known for its particularly robust distillate, this lovely whisky often gives its best with a generous influence from sherry casks… as in this expression. Powerful but enjoyable even at cask strength thanks to its round body, it’s wonderfully rich of fruity notes. Oranges, apricots, walnuts, dried plums… but without overwhelming the malty fragrance with an excessively heavy layer of wine or sweetness. Each sip reveals more notes of coffee and pepper, and in the finale a hint of beeswax becomes evident. There is a reason why this malt was at the core of prestigious blends, and it is evident here: a unique style, a strong presence, and a complexity that will reward even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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