House Malt

Single Islay Malt

  • Distilled: 2010
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Vol: 43%
  • Outturn: 2898
  • Code: W&M16

Don’t misjudge this new House Malt because of its young age, because it’s probably the most powerful in recent years. The fresh bourbon casks were particularly active, and brought the stormy Islay malt inside them to perfect maturation in such a short time. At the nose it’s organic, nutty, farmy and pungently smoky. But it’s the palate that is particularly striking, with some of the most complex earthy notes we have ever tasted in a young Islayer. Leather, damp vegetation, a big organic taste like a soaking wet wooden ship caught in a storm. It’s extremely peppery, and of course extremely smoky, with notes of liquorice and wood paint to boot. And in the background, the usual sweet maltiness and bananas, for a round and rich mouthfeel.

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