Speybridge 2001

"Sherry Wood" Butt #43

  • Distilled: 2001
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Vol: 45,5%
  • Outturn: 499
  • Code: W&M207

Blended from malt whiskies of the same vintage coming from three prestigious distilleries located in the whereabouts of the historical bridge on river Spey, this elegant and smooth bottling was designed with balance in mind. By selecting three different and complementary distilleries, we were able to combine the mineral crispness and hint of smoke of one, with the biscuity fullness of the second, and the flowery freshness of the third. The result, aged in old fashioned sherry casks, will please everyone and can be considered the more mature and elegant brother of our beloved Sherry Cask Malt. A medium bodied whisky of great complexity, rich but nuanced easy on the palate, a sort of compendium of all the typical Speyside aromas

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Exclusive for Denmark