Beathan 2009

"Heavy Peat"

  • Distilled: 2009
  • Bottled: 2018
  • Vol: 48%
  • Outturn: 1216
  • Code: W&M266

The second release of our award-winning malt from one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, in the southern Highlands, is once again extremely peaty in contrast to their usually delicate style. Older than the previous release, and with a more evident influence from dry Oloroso, this is a very intense and multifaceted whisky. The interaction between smokiness and sherry results in a robustly sooty character, with big earthy aromas and notes of wet leather, medicinal roots and juicy liquorice. With a thick body and a sweet maltiness, this whisky has an almost toasted, oily character. Once again, it is a different kind of peat that gives it its unique flavour: not harvested on the coast, but on the mainland, and as such it showcases a tarry and ashy taste without maritime influence.

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