Dailuane 35yo

"Sherry Wood" half of butt #701

  • Distilled: 1983
  • Bottled: 2018
  • Vol: 54,3%
  • Outturn: 240
  • Code: W&M273

This whisky of very respectable age represents a perfect example of what an old traditional Speyside malt should be. Striking a perfect balance between the smooth and fragrant distillate and the influence from the Oloroso sherry cask, it is captured in the bottle at the pinnacle of its maturity, complexity and expressiveness. Subtle in its gradual development of flavours and always very gentle on the palate, it offers a palette of honey, fragrant malt, ripe fruits, with a hint of nuttiness and winey character. It is a very relaxed, soft-mouthed whisky, with just a touch of tannins and that clean mineral austerity of the best old malts from Speyside. The perfect example of an old malt to be savoured slowly in the evening.

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Exclusive for Shanghai