Ledaig 2008

"Traditional Oak"

  • Distilled: 2008
  • Bottled: 2018
  • Vol: 48%
  • Outturn: 1320
  • Code: W&M285

In the tradition of our recent Ledaig bottlings from traditional ex-bourbon casks, this whisky is particularly clean, with an impeccable distillate behind the heavy peat smoke. It is a dry and grassy malt, with lemony notes and a very evident whiff of the sea, and an ashy and tarry character that doesn’t cover the freshness of the spirit. Once again, it’s a powerfully peated whisky from the Isle of Mull that can stand on its own against the Islay giants, but with that unique and quizzical ferny note that is so typical of this distillery. At the same time smoky, maritime, and with a special ethereal fragrance, perfectly mature but without excessive influence from the oak, to allow the spirit to speak.

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