Glen Moray 2007

"Marsala Finish"

  • Distilled: 2007
  • Bottled: 2019
  • Vol: 46%
  • Outturn: 861
  • Code: W&M296

Glen Moray may seem a weird choice for a Marsala finish, considering the light character of its spirit. For this reason, we chose a particularly light hand with the rich casks from Sicily, so that only a whiff of their sweet and sun-drenched golden wine could be detected in the whisky, enriching its natural fragrance and sweetness. At the nose we find ripe apricots, beeswax and honey: sweet, but still delicate. The wine finish becomes more evident at the palate, which is raisiny, nutty, waxy and still very mineral. The creamy taste like of peaches with vanilla ice cream is backed only in the end by an increase in tannins and a trace of spice that isn’t usually found in Glen Moray.

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