Cask Strength

Ardmore 10yo

"Islay Cask" cask #803507

  • Distilled: 2010
  • Bottled: 2021
  • Vol: 60,3%
  • Outturn: 193
  • Code: W&M364

This Speyside distillery is known for a very smoky whisky, radically different from that of its neighbours. Its use of mainland peat and its central position ensures that its single malt is completely devoid of any coastal and maritime influence. Our experiment was meant to add a ghost of this influence, by means of additional maturation in a cask which had previously contained an equally smoky whisky from one of Islay’s most renowned distilleries: just to give it a hint of the sea, to make the green and heather-covered hills meet the Atlantic breeze. The result is still grounded in Speyside, with its fruity and malty sweetness, its flowery and creamy notes behind the heavy peat smoke, its piney aromatic character… but with an extra touch of saltiness, tar and iodine.

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