Classic Selection

Ledaig 2008

Private Cask

  • Distilled: 2008
  • Bottled: 2021
  • Vol: 48%
  • Outturn: 311
  • Code: W&M370

This carefully selected single malt from the Isle of Mull achieves an incredible feat: at the same time rather delicate, flowery and light bodied, and showcasing an impressive array of smoky, ashy and tarry flavours. At the nose, it takes you by surprise with a slightly sour and citrusy note, even before the smoke: fresh lemons, white wine, very bright and refreshing. It’s very peated, yes, but not dark or brooding: on the contrary, sunny and breezy. At the palate it’s agile, clean… for a heavily peated malt. The striking quality is that it manages to be smooth, fresh and easy: a hint of liquorice, vegetal notes, the traditional restrained sweetness of the bourbon cask, but it’s the quality of the spirit that really talks. A taste that matches crystal clear flowery and malty cleanliness with lovely, lingering, peat smoke.

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Signature Series
Marina Del Puppo