23 March 2023

From a collector’s point of view

Wilson & Morgan has a loyal following: every year, many customers eagerly wait for our new releases. We can definitely say that we have a returning fanbase, which keeps buying our whiskies every year simply because they trust our taste:
7 February 2023

Whisky Renaissance

For its fourth edition, after two events in Como and one in Treviso, Whisky Week is reaching new Italian towns… This time, the successful whisky event […]
16 November 2022

Celebrating 30 years in style at Milano Whisky Festival

As we already have told you in the previous months, this year marks the 30th Anniversary for Wilson & Morgan, and we have already been celebrating […]
27 September 2022

Whisky on an enchanting lakeshore

After the first edition in Como in 2021, and a second one in the same year hosted in Treviso, Whisky Week returns to its roots on the shores of one of the most beautiful Italian lakes: Lago di Como.
8 June 2022

Shining bright under the Rising Sun 

After the success in previous editions of the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition, Wilson & Morgan could not miss joining once again. This year the competition was even bigger, because the number of entries was larger than ever: 519 bottlings, which means 75 more than the previous edition!
6 May 2022

A very unusual batch of Special Releases

We like to take you by surprise with some unusual bottlings, expressions from overlooked distilleries, or quite simply rare old malts from distilleries that we have always only bottled in younger versions.
1 April 2022

30 YEARS, and still feeling young as the first day

This year marks the 30th Anniversary for Wilson & Morgan. Thirty years may be a young age for human being, but it’s actually a much longer […]
11 February 2022

It’s a hard job… but someone must do it!

Have you ever wondered what goes behind each of the bottles in the Wilson & Morgan catalogue? We would like to give you an idea of […]
20 December 2021

Green is the color of Christmas… isn’t it?

If you have been following us for some years, you probably remember that our Christmas newsletters are always at least a wee bit tongue-in-cheek. Warm and […]