Malt Maniacs Awards 2018


Fifteen years since their first edition, the Malt Maniacs Awards still have a very devoted following: sure, many other whisky blogs and competitions have been born in the meanwhile, but the trust into the groundbreaking panel of international tasters called the Malt Maniacs remains strong. How not to take in deep regard a competition which takes almost 5 months, and which dares to tackle something like almost 200 different whisky bottlings, all tasted and re-tasted completely blindly and independently by each expert to avoid influencing each other?

The results for MMA2018 have just been announced, and once again Wilson & Morgan was extremely successful.  


The Ledaig 12yo 2005 - 2018 “Sherry Finish Oloroso” 57% Casks #8000073-74 won the prestigious “Non Plus Ultra Award” in the Daily Dram category (price up to about 60 EUR). In other words, it was the whisky which obtained the highest score from the nine jurors in its price category, and considering the strength of the competition this sure is an honour for us!

Wilson & Morgan also fared well with the two other entries: Bunnahabhain 15yo 2002 - 2018 “Marsala Finish” 53.1% Casks #3061 – 62 and Glen Grant 25yo 1992 - 2018 “Sherry Finish Oloroso” 51%, Casks #130818/19, which were both awarded a silver medal.

Bunnahabhain 15yo “Marsala Finish” 53.1% Casks #3061 – 62


Glen Grant 25yo “Sherry Finish Oloroso” 51%, Casks #130818/19


We have lost count of how many times we have won medals and prizes from the Malt Maniacs, but it’s always a pleasure for us: thanks again for loving our malts and telling the world how great they are!