3 Milan medals… some months later!

If 2020 was a weird year for us whisky fans, it never stops getting weirder… even in 2021.

Last November, for the first time in our life, for obvious reasons we could not physically attend the Milano Whisky Festival: this didn’t mean that there wasn’t one… only that it was an online event. And, like every year, we led our masterclass… but this time behind a computer screen.

And the 2020 Milano Whisky Festival Awards? That’s the weird thing… because the results were announced now, in February 2021. This at least had some advantage: the jury had all the time they wanted to rate the several wonderful bottlings, instead of rushing and killing their livers by means of binge tasting in just a mere week!

Well… no matter what the format of the festival is, no matter how much time is given to the jury… the result for Wilson & Morgan is always the same: medals, medals, medals.

We are proud to announce that the Milano Whisky Festival 2020 saw us winners of:



Caol Ila 2008-20 50% "Private Cask" W&M339 (Single Cask)

For Milano Whisky Festival

Caol Ila 25yo 1995-20 59.8% "Sherry Wood" W&M333 (Single Cask)

Bunnahabhain 30yo 1989-19 47.6% "Sherry Finish Oloroso" W&M313 (Premium – Aged more than 19 years)

Once again, we are very happy with the results… and we are crossing our finger, hoping that the 2021 edition of Milano Whisky Festival will once again be a live event open to the public, so that we can all meet you there like we were used to!