Exciting news for the New Year

Some exciting new releases for the new year

Not known for resting on our laurels, we at Wilson & Morgan have been working steadily in the last months to begin the new year with some exciting new releases. Everybody likes our core range, and we often have some recurring “classics”, bottlings from certain distilleries that we love and which we often select, giving some sort of continuity to the line-up.

For starting 2021, though, we have played a bit with some variations, introducing innovations and trying to expand our core range a little bit further…

The biggest of our innovations comes from our experiments with Virgin Oak, casks made of new wood, which has a unique quality: it imparts a very marked character to the whisky in a relatively short time. A buttery character, an extra layer of sweetness and tannins, a special fullness of body.


One of the first of these experiments is W&M352 Caol Ila 12yo “Quercus Alba” 2008-20 54.5%, assembled from a vatting of two ex-bourbon casks with a Virgin American Oak cask: the result strikes a particularly fine balance between the classic Caol Ila style (peaty, salty, fresh) and a richer and creamier one. It’s bolder and fuller than our usual Caol Ilas!
It will be available only from March, but you can make the wait easier by trying the already available version at standard strength W&M323 Caol Ila 2008-20 “Quercus Alba” 46% if you haven’t already done so!

This isn’t the only innovation, though:
Haddock 2007-20 "Sherry Finish" Light Peat 46% sees the return of our “mystery malt”, but in a new version. This time it’s a blended malt assembled from several Scottish distilleries, with a careful recipe to make it only lightly peated, particularly gentle for those who like only a little bit of smokiness. The marriage of the different malts was made in Oloroso casks to give it an extra layer of fruit and elegance, too.


Explore the new exciting releases from Wilson & Morgan, a great way to start 2021!