New springtime releases for all tastes

The months of spring are one of the busiest moments of the year for Wilson & Morgan: during winter we have tasted so many cask samples to check their status of evolution, and finally during this period we start seeing the fruits of our labour… in bottle form!

The batch of new spring releases is very interesting as usual, covering several distilleries and styles of maturation or finishes: definitely a good moment to see our range offering a bit of everything, in which you can certainly find something that will please all tastes.

In this recent series of releases, there are two that we would really like to offer to your attention: 


"1st Fill Sherry Wood" 46% W&M356

Never chosen before this year in our selection, this relatively young Speyside distillery is a very interesting one. In spite of its age, the very active Oloroso casks created something really unique and already very mature. Winey, nutty, full of notes of raisins, dried figs, dates and plums, and balsamic vinegar too! Dry and extreme, a real sherry monster.

CAOL ILA 2010-21
"Quercus Alba" 46%

In our constant research for the perfect balance between maturation in bourbon casks and in virgin oak, we refined our recipe and the result is this complex Islay malt which retains the salty, tarry and smoky character of the spirit, and simply adds a trace of sweetness and pepper, and a body that’s a little more muscular than usual but not at the expense of freshness.



Again, two very different whiskies… one that’s heavily sherried, and a heavily peated one. No matter which is your favourite style, Wilson & Morgan always has something for you!