18 November 2021

Milan Whisky Festival 2021

…finally live again! We love Scotch whisky, but we are Italian to the core… and as such, we love our country and spreading whisky culture in […]
15 October 2021

Masterclass Details at Whisky Week Treviso!

Treviso Whisky Week: Masterclass Details As we anticipated last month, Wilson & Morgan will be at Whisky Week Treviso on October 23rd-24th… our first live event […]
21 September 2021

Live again… at Whisky Week Treviso!

It’s been a while since the last time we’ve had a real live whisky event… and we were eager to return to meeting our fans, showing […]
29 June 2021

100 U.K. Proof: A Taste of History

Have you ever noticed that, since two years ago, some of Wilson & Morgan’s bottlings have been released at a curious “100 U.K. Proof” with a red statement on the […]
27 May 2021

The whisky Olympics

Tokyo will soon host the Olympic Games, postponed from 2020 to 2021 after last year’s difficult health crysis, and the town is already deep into preparations […]
28 April 2021

New springtime releases for all tastes

The months of spring are one of the busiest moments of the year for Wilson & Morgan: during winter we have tasted so many cask samples […]
17 March 2021

The eternal battle between peat and sherry

If you have been following Wilson & Morgan for some years, you certainly know that we have had some truly marvellous whiskies from second fill casks, […]
23 February 2021

Milan medals… some months later!

If 2020 was a weird year for us whisky fans, it never stops getting weirder… even in 2021. Last November, for the first time in our […]
25 January 2021

Exciting news for the New Year

Some exciting new releases for the new year Not known for resting on our laurels, we at Wilson & Morgan have been working steadily in the last months […]