The eternal battle between peat and sherry

If you have been following Wilson & Morgan for some years, you certainly know that we have had some truly marvellous whiskies from second fill casks, with very little oak influence, and also without peat. It’s no mystery, though, that we love very distinctive flavours… and as a consequence we easily fall in love with whiskies that either have a strong first fill sherry cask influence (those big dry winey notes!), or that are heavily marked by peat smoke.
It shouldn’t surprise you then than two of our most recent bottlings belong to these styles… 


CAOL ILA 12yo 2008-20 “Quercus Alba” Casks #322398-322406/07 54,5% W&M352

Warm and deep, very smoky and tarry, with an aroma of fireplaces and barbecues. It's a very peaty Islay malt, with the extra sweetness and fullness provided by the inclusion of a virgin American oak barrel in the blend.

LINKWOOD 12yo 2008-20 “Sherry Finish PX” Casks #308645-46 58,0% W&M353

The extra year of maturation in a Pedro Ximenez cask brought all the raisiny goodness of the Spanish dessert wine. Flowery and fruity, rich of candied oranges, apricots, and a hint of dried dates and figs. Sweet and waxy, but also spicy and lively.


Have you already tried some of our releases? Let us know on our Facebook page what style you prefer: sherry or peat? It’s a pleasant battle for sure…