Time again for a good dram

Summer is over… Time again for a good dram!

September has come: with the cooler climate, and going towards the months of autumn and winter, it’s always a good idea to get ready to enjoy a nice dram of Scotch whisky again. That’s the reason why we, at Wilson & Morgan, have been working so hard in the past months: to select and bottle the new releases that will keep us company in our autumn evenings.

The 2019 Autumn selection is particularly intriguing, showcasing impressive variety and quality, and we are proud to present the first three of our new bottlings to you…


Back from popular demand, after a few years, is our bold Bunnahabhain ‘Heavy Peat’, this time from 2014 vintage. It’s a young malt, but don’t be fooled by that: it’s already perfectly mature, and with that powerful peaty intensity that comes as a shock if you are used to the traditional unpeated style of this distillery. It’s a truly smoky monster, ashy, full of maritime notes and a marked medicinal touch.



If you know our tastes, you also know that we don’t only like intense peat, but also old fashioned sherried malts, and we have a truly special place in our hears for the new Macduff 2006-19 "1st fill Sherry Wood" 100UK proof. Bottled at a traditional but nowadays uncommon strength of 57.1% (the strength at which gunpowder mixed with a spirit would still ignite!), it’s a powerful, wild and complex whisky with two souls: a sweet and creamy one, and a dry and winey one. An uncompromising sherry blast, of the kind that it’s so rare to find nowadays.



Last but not least, if you like really dry and winey malts, why not trying our latest cask strength release of our award-winning blended Highlands malt? Westport 15yo 2004-19 "Sherry Wood" #900050 is fruity, spicy, peppery: a really unusual whisky, and quite a surprise compared to our previous more mellow Westports.


There’s more in our Autumn selection, of course, but we’ll talk about it next month… but if you are particularly curious, you could subscribe to our Facebook page and discover more news as soon as they are revealed…