Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2020

More medals from Japan!

Two things can be said about the Japanese: that they never give up even when facing adversity, and that they have a long-time fondness for quality spirits. Knowing this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the international situation of the last months didn’t discourage our friends of the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition from their heroic attempt at tasting and rating some of the most important bottlings in the world.

While last year’s edition was held publicly in the trendy Shibuya area of Tokyo, this time all the 37 judges – divided in several categories according to type of spirit (whisky, rum, etc) - received samples at home as a health precaution (and a further guarantee of truly blind tasting). The “Western Spirits” category saw 427 entries, and more than 2000 samples were hand filled and shipped!

The Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition is quite severe, and a medal is not necessarily awarded to all entries. This makes us proud of the two medals awarded to Wilson & Morgan (after the two we had already won last year):

Westport 15yo

BRONZE MEDAL for Bunnahabhain 2009-19 48% "1st Fill Sherry Wood" W&M298

BRONZE MEDAL for Westport 15yo 2004-19 57.8% "Sherry Wood" W&M305

Wilson & Morgan has always been one of the niche whisky bottlers appreciated by Japanese connoisseurs, and we are very happy of this continuing trend!