Whiskyfun says NINETY!

Sometimes it takes a while to reap the fruits of one’s labour. Mind you, we are not complaining at all: our bottlings are always very well received, and they usually go out like the proverbial hot cakes. We receive medals at festivals, we receive emails of praise from our customers, we get good reviews… so we can confidently say that on average we’re doing a good job, and we’re proud of it.

Sometimes, anyway, some gratifications are even more pleasant than others. Even if, like today, they come after three years from the release of one of our bottlings. A bottling that is now sadly out of stock (but maybe you might be lucky to stumble on one of the 580 bottles that were made, in some obscure liquor store in your town), and that probably didn’t immediately catch the fancy of collectors and whisky drinkers although it sold very well. You know the story… some distilleries get all the attention, and others (while making some truly excellent malts) are… well, a little less glamorous: but we put in them the same passion and care for quality.


Such is the case of our Bunnahabhain 14yo 2001/2016 (59.6%, Butt#1430), a whisky that we loved and in which we strongly believed. And now, three years after its release, gets its deserved recognition by none other than Whiskyfun, the web’s most prestigious whisky blog. To receive 90 points from Serge Valentin’s refined palate is no mean feat, and we are definitely enthusiastic about it:



PS We said it’s out of stock… but don’t worry, we have some sister casks of the same batch in stock for bottling sometimes in the future…