Collector's Edition


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”

Mark Twain

In the world of single malt whisky the best casks deserve special treatment. Selecting a cask of whisky for bottling is a wonderful process, a daily discovery: you never know when you might find a pleasant surprise, a very special cask that clearly stands out from the rest. And yet, when our tasting panel stumbles on a whisky which is so exceptional that it makes you forget all the other ones you have tasted in the same session, it's impossible not to notice the unanimous approval and delight on the tasters' faces.

The new Collector's Edition series aims to give recognition to these worthwhile whiskies in the best possible way: a very rare selection of old malts, bottled at cask strength and with no filtration, in a particularly stylish presentation. The black wooden gift boxes add a touch of extra luxury to the finest selection from our warehouses: these bottlings are the crop of the crop, the gems in our collection, and we are particularly proud of them. But it's not a case of style over substance, of eccentricity over quality, of packaging over content: as usual in the style of W&M bottlings, what matters is the whisky, tasted by connoisseurs and aimed at connoisseurs. Sure, style is important too, and these bottles will be a wonderful gift for a special occasion, ready to elegantly stand on display in your whisky cabinet. But open one of them, and you will discover a world of exquisite aromas, of the finest taste, of the most carefully matured whiskies. Rare jewels from lost distilleries, or simply the best and most expressive whiskies we have ever tasted from a well-known one.

When you pick a bottle from the Collector's Edition as a gift or for yourself, you can be sure that you are choosing the finest of the finest. And you'll be forgiven if you decide to indulge in the pleasure of opening and enjoying it as it deserves, rather than simply collecting it...