Twenties & older


"Four blessings upon you:
More money.
Faster horses.
Younger women.
Older whiskey."

Irish toast

If you are looking for that special something in the world of whiskies, you need look no further. The 'Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection 20 years and older' is certainly the top of the game when it comes to taste and originality. Only the best casks have a chance of being honoured by bearing this label - and only after a "discriminatingly severe selection“ (as Fabio Rossi, Chairman of Wilson & Morgan, puts it) consisting of a long and demanding process of nosing, tasting and sample comparison.

The whiskies of this very special selection are very often single-cask bottled, in the past at 46% and nowadays always at 50%, or at cask strength once in a while that a special malt highly demands it. These bottles bear the cask number on its front label, and each release is limited to 300 bottles per hogshead and 500 - 600 bottles per butt. Tasting one of these fine old whiskies is a privilege for any whisky lover and an experience of pleasure never to be forgotten. Presented in elegant and large old-style brown wooden gift box.