Beating the Drum for Rum

“I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.”
Lord Tennyson

In 1998, Rossi again followed his instinct and began to buy special selections of a spirit which for a long time was seen as “a commoners drink” – and which today is the latest trend in bars and restaurants from East to West. Rum has become a much-enjoyed alternative to whisky – and Rossi’s newly founded brand “Rum Nation” is a selection of some of the best of it. In search of this outstanding quality, Fabio Rossi travelled the Caribbean Islands such as Martinique and Barbados and talked to the locals and the local producers and finally cherry-picked the best and left the rest. Today “Rum Nation” is sold only after Rossi has personally checked each shipment and agreed to its quality – otherwise it never sees the market. Therefore, rum connoisseurs all over the world can be sure of finding only the best Caribbean rum and its distinguished taste in each bottle of “Rum Nation”.