14 November 2023

Something changes… but Milano Whisky Festival remains the same!

A couple of months ago, the commercial distribution for Wilson & Morgan underwent some changes. Our historical brand of independent Single Malt Scotch Whisky is now distributed on the Italian market by a young company with a lot of passion and expertise in the field of premium spirits: Beija Flor.
20 October 2023

A Trip back to Swinging London

Wilson & Morgan has always had a strong presence in continental Europe, eastern Europe and Asia, but only occasionally in the UK. Times have changed, and it’s due to an old acquaintance of Fabio Rossi… 25 years ago, Fabio received a friendly visit in Treviso from Wallace and John Milroy, two brothers
27 June 2023

The sun rises… once more!

After winning a gold and a silver medal last year at the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition, we had ended our celebratory newsletter with a promise: that we would be back in 2023, and that would be doing our best to take the jury by surprise with eve MORE stunning whiskies. And we do not take promises lightly…