• House Range

    Islay is the most famous of Scotland's whisky producing islands. The distilleries on this small westerly island have attracted worldwide attention with only one or two exceptions. These distilleries
  • Classic Selection

    The casks of amber clear whiskies for this fine Barrel Selection 46% are personally chosen by Fabio Rossi, Chairman of Wilson & Morgan, from different distilleries in Scotland. Rossi selects on
  • Cask Strength

    "May you never lie, steal, cheat or drink.rnBut if you must lie, lie in each others arms.rnIf you must steal, steal kisses.rnIf you must cheat, cheat death.rnAnd
  • Special Release

    Once in a while, we happen on casks which don't exactly fit in our other ranges. Special Release is a series of bottlings designed to welcome these happy "one of a kind" encounters, whiskies made uniq