Whisky Connoisseur Glass

The diversity of tastes which Single Malt Whiskies are acclaimed for is as legendary as it is unsurpassed. Apart from the taste, however, there are two more decisive attributes which contribute to the pleasure of a “wee dram”: Colour and fragrance. The tulip-shaped Whisky Tasting Glass offers to the whisky connoisseur all advantages to enjoy Single Malt to its full potential.

The undecorated glass allows the exact evaluation of the whisky colour. The bulbous shape keeps the whisky flavour in the glass for a very long time – and the outward-bent rim transports the fragrance directly to your nose. In this way you can experience your whisky in its full splendour.

With The Wilson & Morgan Whisky Connoisseur Glass you are holding your personal key to the world of indefinite whisky-pleasures right in your hand. Its design has been approved of by master blenders in the whisky-industry and is used for high-class whisky tastings all over the world.

Enjoy your whisky in style and experience the astonishingly great variety of Single Malt Whisky with The Wilson & Morgan Connoisseur Glass.

Slainte Mhath!